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We run a small property professional business look locally for the best property solutions in order to create the maximum Return on Investments for our investors.  

Area Profile: Andover

The Hampshire town of Andover sits nicely on the east of the county close to the boarder with Wiltshire, so enjoys the delights of what each county has to offer.

Over the past decade, Andover has seen its population increase by +14000 to 50,000 due to several housing developments that have been constructed in line with the Government’s new house building initiative.

Andover is just over an hour commute to London on the train, which makes this ideal for the city workers to push out into the Hampshire countryside to start their families.

The Average house in Andover is currently £336,500 (higher in the surrounding villages) which a little under the county average house price of £375,800. However, due to the recent housing developments, the newly built leisure center and a fully refurbished shopping center, this figure is set to rise.

Andover is a relatively smaller town in comparison to its neighboring towns and Cities of Basingstoke, Salisbury and Winchester and as such HMO’s and Serviced Accommodation strategies do not suit Andover.

Suggested Investment Strategies:
  • Buy to Let (Typical target demographics: Families and Professionals)
  • Flips
  • Development
  • Commercial & Mixed Usage
  • Land